Southeast Michigan Tea Party

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We are Patriots dedicated to the fight for Smaller Government and Fiscal Responsibility!

Our Mission Statement: "To preserve the principles upon which our country was founded." 

Our Next Gathering is January 3, 2017

Our next Patriotic Gathering will be held on Tuesday January 3rd, at 7 PM at Dave and Buster's in Utica.  Please plan to join us for some good food and simulating conversation with great friends!


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all Patriots From The Southeast Michigan Tea Party! God Bless America!

Gohmert on President Elect Trump's First 100 Days in Office Agenda

Hillary's Michigan: America's Worst Nightmare

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Who Is Huma Abedin?

Changing America By Changing It's People - Ann Corcoran - posted 9/2/16
Obama has been changing America by changing its people. You know that Hillary Clinton will follow in his footsteps, but you are not powerless! This fall the Republicans can turn off the federal spigot for refugee resettlement if they wanted to---you have to make them want to!

Ann Corcoron - New Blog for 2016

American Resistance - 2016! Please Check Out Ann's New Blog for 2016:

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They are changing America by changing the people! Will you fight to save it, or allow the greatest nation on earth to perish?