Southeast Michigan Tea Party

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We are Patriots dedicated to the fight for Smaller Government and Fiscal Responsibility!

Our Mission Statement: "To preserve the principles upon which our country was founded."


Save The Date! Our next Patriotic Gathering is Tuesday, January 8th!
Our next Patriotic Gathering will be on January 8th, 2019 at Dave and Buster's in Utica starting at 7 PM. Doors open at 6. Our guest speaker will be announced soon. Please plan to join us for some stimulating conversation with good friends! 



Read This Important Paper!!!

From The Center For Security Policy

 Written by Jim Simpson

Michigan's Faith Communities In the Cross-Hairs


August 14th Meeting

Our guest via Skype at our August 14th meeting was Gretchen Smith. Gretchen is the founder of Code Of Vets which she started in October of 2017. Her inspiration to start Code Of Vets was Gretchen's father. Her father served honorably inspiring her brother and her to serve! She met her husband in the USAF. She attributes her patriotism, passion and love for our nation to her dad. He passed away at age 57 after struggling with PTSD for many years. Code Of Vets, Goals - Achievements & Getting Involved. We will be promoting conservative candidates with an emphasis on veteran candidates! Additionally, we will be assisting veterans in need. We will help one veteran at a time until there is legislation in place that is effective and efficient. 

It is time for virtual boots on the ground by sharing our conservative candidates! It is time for us to light social media up with our voice. It is expensive to run a successful campaign, hence our mission. We can provide free advertising for our dedicated candidates.



Dear Michigan:

Are the nine million residents of Michigan on the same road to Sharia-dominance as the nine million residents of London? Will Michigan set the trend for America?

If you import enough people who will vote for you, you can become Mayor. That’s the lesson the U.K. has learned from its Muslim Mayor Sadiq Khan, who has lost control of crime in the capital, but is still able to find the time to ban ads featuring women in bikinis on the subway, and yet approve ads for Allah and Ramadan on our London buses.

In our capital, 4 people have been shot in the last 24 hours, the youngest of whom was just 13.

And it looks as if Michigan voters could be sleepwalking into the same future for themselves. Michigan could be the first state to elect a Sharia-compliant Muslim Governor. Indeed, Abdul El-Sayed would be the United States’ first. But I can tell you from experience, he is the way-finder, and he will be followed by legion more.

Do not become the U.K. Do not fall as we have fallen.

Katie Hopkins


From Our May 1st Meeting: 

Here is our interview with Shahram Hadian. Shahram discussed his "Biblical Response Refuting Interfaith Dialog Between Christians & Muslims." This declaration lays out evidence of a great false teaching and false practice that is corrupting the Word of God and the mission of the Bride of Christ in proclaiming the saving Gospel of Jesus Christ to those who are lost and without eternal salvation. Many Christians, instead of being steadfast in fulfilling the Great Commission (Matthew 28: 18-20) are now engaging in "interfaith dialogue"particularly between Christians and Muslims. Print this document out and see if your church will sign on to this. Shahram's web site and here is the link to the Interfaith Dialogue document HERE. Also here is the link to the 10 questions to expose Interfaith.


From our April meeting:

Israeli Investigative Journalist Zvi Yehezkeli Goes Undercover in Dearborn!

Go to The United West web site to view this video. There are two videos. The second video  Zvi Yehezkeli goes undercover in the United States. The first 3 minutes introduces Zvi. At the 10 minute mark Zvi goes undercover in Dearborn. The full 43 minute video is well worth the watch.


Below is our interview with Leo Hohmann on 3/13/18. Also included are related articles that Leo wrote pertaining to our interview. Plus a link to Senate Resolution 118, which is a Marco Rubio resolution condemning hate crime and any other form of racism. This is dangerous as it could restrict free speech.

Click Here > SR - 118